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My name is Folahanmi Awoyemi, i am an aspiring Photojournalist from London. To me Photography in itself is a concept that partly deviates from what we make it to be today. In today heavily mediated society we are persuaded to believe photography is just about the art of taking pictures, and having the best machinery to do so. However, I believe we are all photographers in our own respect. This is based on the fact that within us is the most comprehensive image processing machineries known to man; our brain and eyes which no lens or heavily price camera can compare. All though we have the ability to pick up a camera and take a good picture, only a few are able to retain the emotional detail behind every frame. Photography to me is my element of peace. We all   have that place we associate with tranquillity, peace and calm; for me photography delivers such release.

 Hope you enjoy my concept and take on the art of still life story telling. Thank You and God bless, Folahanmi Awoyemi


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